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Exam day Tips for Driving Test

Get your instructor to do a mock test. Ask yourself how often it is that you are making major/dangerous ‘faults’. I wouldn’t bother about minor ones, it’s unlikely you’re going to get 16 or more and fail on that.

More Tips for the exam?

Drive confidently and safely. If you’re not sure, don’t go – you get minors for hesitation and majors for pulling out in front of someone – same principal applies if you do not know the speed limit on a certain road. Drive safely and you will pass..if you show you can drive confidently, competently and safely, he/she might even let you off if you make a slight mistake on a maneuver etc.

Well be polite, apparently you should hold the door open (as in, let them go through first) for them, even if it is a woman as traditionally it is a sign of bribery – my instructor told me this as my female examiner came in the room to get me, I couldn’t tell if he was having me on, so I sort of held it open for her and she just stepped back lol. Erm..make it obvious that you are checking your mirrors every 4ish seconds and make observations particularly obvious before you brake, signal and while attempting a maneuver.

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