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Can you practice driving with family and friends using “L” plates?

Driving is the must-learn life skill, especially in this decade and upcoming decade. After all, now we are moving ahead and moving ahead means more work, more pressure and more responsibilities. These new responsibilities can be fulfilled as per the requirements of society and its expectations, when you are equipped with different tools and skills. Car is that tool which can help you to move from one place to another place fast yourself. It gives you independence and secondly, it makes you efficient and a person who can fulfill demands of society and family.

However, it is not easy to learn to drive but it is also not that difficult to learn to use break and race. All you need is to sit on driving seat and practice as much as you can. But is it safe to practice yourself alone? Or will it helpful to practice alone on roads?
No, obviously, driving alone is not safe because you can either hurt yourself or another person. These minor accidents would then build fear in you which keep you away from learning to drive. Besides, driving alone would not teach you a lot. You would move according to your senses and what you can see but you cannot learn to move the car in difficult situations which could result in accidents or injuries. Thus, to save people from terrible situations, government of England has made complete laws and code of conduct for people who are at learning stage to keep their roads and people save from troubles and such situation that result in death and causalities. After all, life is very precious and government has responsibility to take care of life of every citizen residing in their country or state.
The first and foremost rule is to to learn to drive from a proper trainer. Although, it is not important to hire a trainer, a person can ask his or her friend or family member to sit sit beside them when they are driving to teach and guide them. However, the relative should have passed the driving taste and he or she should have license, it can be of EU, NU or GB, for three years. He or she should be experienced and trained driver so that there would be minimal chances of damage and mishap most of the time. Besides, the trainer should be alert and active to teach and guide a learner all the time. It is the duty of him or her to tell them about navigation and directions but they should not be aggressive or a person who shout on a person easily on their few mistakes. The trainer or member should be cool, alert and always ready to guide learner.

Learner, on the other hand, has some rules to follow. The most important rule is related to license. If you are driving your friend or relative’s car then he or she should have license but if you are practicing on your own car then take learner license to learn and have fun legally. Driving unlicensed car is not allowed. The police will catch you and you will have to pay 300 pounds.In England, there is penalty points system. If a person drive a car in the absence of trained supervisor or break traffic rule, then his or her license will get penalty points. If the provisional license would not have six penalty points, you will get extra point which means that you can have more chances to make mistake. The points and edge of making mistakes will be removed if three years would be completed after learning to drive because after three years, you will be enough trained to drive smoothly without harming others and yourself. You can even keep Driver’s Record to know about your progress and what is remaining to achieve. The learner is on the driving seat; therefore, there are more rules for them. They should buy L plates and display them on front and back of the car so that others drivers, who are driving at that time, will be patient and remain alert. The absence of these plates can make you pay fine. Yet, you can remove them once you will pass the test. After passing test, you have to display P plates so that other drivers could understand that you have passed recently and need some weeks to become a trained driver. You can remove P plates, once you are confident about your driving skills and trust on yourself that you would keep yourself and others safe from your skills.

The learner drivers can use removable mirrors and wing mirrors to learn fast. These mirrors give them view from passenger site. They will help them to plan and apply their next move and move break, wheel and gear more efficiently. Usually, they are placed in cars of driving schools but you can buy them from markets and stores. All you have to do is to go to YouTube and see that how to place them and begin your classes.
So, these are a few rules that you and your supervisor need to know before teaching you driving. Driving is something which I must to learn but it is also a skill which requires a lot of alertness and activeness. You cannot afford to be inattentive while driving because it is all about life and death. You have to be aware about your license and supervisor. Your supervisor can be your friend or family member but that person should be trained driver and at least 21 years old because 21 years old means a person is adult and mature. Besides, you have to be careful that you would not use all of your penalty points otherwise it will get difficult to get license to drive. Driving is fun but it is funnier if you will follow some rules and laws otherwise you will have to face POLICE and LAW!

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